LCAGLufthansa Cargo AG
LCAGLeeds Cycling Action Group (UK)
LCAGLeeds Civic Arts Guild (UK)
LCAGLimousin Club Alpine Gordini (French automobile club)
LCAGLincoln City Assembly of God (Lincoln City, OR)
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We expect to add substantial business value to LCAG and be a transformational partner in their quest to achieve increased operational efficiencies and growth.
LCAG chairwoman Heather Meier said: ``So far we have managed to persuade Llangrannog Community Council and Ceredigion County Council the way forward is to educate dog owners to keep dogs under control on the beach and to clean up after them at all times.''
315): lcags sgrog is a usual translation for srnkhala (loha[o] is not translated explicitly because it would be redundant in Tibetan), not a corruption of sgo ga [sic].
Lcags byams (Xining: Mtsho sngon mi rigs dpe skrun khang, 1997), 525-694, 694-713.
Grub chen lcags zam pa Thang stong rgyal po (1385-1464) introduced the Shangs pa bka' brgyud tradition of Tibetan Buddhism in Bhutan.
dpal sa'i steng na' gram pa'i zla thams cad bral ba: kha che'i pandi ta chen po shhakya shri bhadra'i rnam par thar pa : sems dpa' chen po khro phu lo tstsha ba byams pa'i dpal gyis mdzad pa gzhi byas : de dag [35b] bde blag tu gtogs [read: rtogs] par byaba'i phyir du : bla ma dpyal lo tstshp ba dang : 'jam dbyangs rin chen rgyal mtshan : shakya'i btsun pa bsod nams dpal bzang po rnams kyis rim par mdzad pa'i zin bris thor bu ba rnams phyogs 1 ti khrigs su bsdebs : kha ba can gyi ljongs su 'gro don dpag tu med pa mdzad tshul : rnam thar dpag bsam khri shing nas kha bskangs te : lcags mo glang gi lo zla ba dang po cho 'phrul chen po'i dus chen gyi tshes bco Inga'i nyin : mam ga lam tistha ma kha arya zhes bya bas yi ger bkod pa'o
where we read that "on the sixteenth day of the eighth month of the iron-male-horse year [1450, the Yingzong emperor] was taken prisoner by the Mongol minister A-san Thang-shri [= Esen Taishi] (lcags pho rta lo zla ba brgyad pa'i tshes bcu drug la / hor gyi blon po a san /["/" must be omitted!
He offered to the bla ma five holy places including Go sa la, O dan tu (spelled so) and Pu la ha ri, situated inside the boundaries (lcags ri) [of his kingdom].
Inside its boundaries (lcags ri), there are five holy places, such as Go sa la, A tan pu ri (spelled so for O dan ta pu ri) and Phu la ha ri.
The date (lcags phag) is mentioned by the Fith Dalai Lama in Shing rta, but more importantly, it is mentioned by'Khon ston pa himself in Gzhin rje gshed chos'byung, p.
According to some historical Tibetan texts the paintings were shown and explained in the medical school monastery on the lCags po ri every year during the summer vacation period for seven days.
For the lCags po ri medical school in general: R.Gerl/J.Aschoff, Der Tschagpori in Lhasa.