LCALLeighton Contractors (Asia) Limited (mining; Australia)
LCALLow Cost Aircraft Leasing (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
LCALLarge Cell Anaplastic Lymphoma
LCALLake County Art League (Grayslake, IL)
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Foram dois tipos de biossolidos, lodo centrifugado (LC), tratado com CaO e alcalino (pH 12,0) e lodo biodigerido (LB), mais acido (pH 7,0), alem da escoria de aciaria (E) e a lama cal (LCal) proveniente de industria de papel e celulose.
An ethanol solution of diamine (en, O-PD, and DMPD, 0.0140, 0.0151, and 0.0191 g, resp., 0.14 mmol) was added to a solution of LCaL' (0.1 g, 0.28 mmol) in hot ethanol with stirring for 30 min.
We hpe that lcal and visiting anglers f all ages and abilities willmake use f this great facility." TONY MAKEPEACE, wh wrks in Banks and Burr tackle shp in Rugby, is fresh frm a fishing trip t France and the capture f a massive 43lb grass carp.
Dubai-based aircraft leasing firm LCAL has slashed its order for Boeing Company's 787 Dreamliner to five planes from 21, the US planemaker's regional spokesman said on Thursday.
Boeing said it won an order for six 787 aircraft from leasing company LCAL worth EUR972 million (pounds 465 million), and another for two 787s from Royal Jordanian Airlines for EUR320 million (pounds 153 million).
The Boeing Company (NYSE: BA) has received an order from LCAL (Low-Cost Aircraft Leasing) for six 787-8 Dreamliners.
first elected % direct connections Pre-1979 29.4 1979-83 42.3 1983-87 50.0 1987-92 69.0 1992 61.4 In many instances these direct lcal connections take the form of membership of the local authority in which the constituency lies, but others have held office in their local CLP and, in two cases, involved wives succeeding their husbands as Members.
A comprehensive revision was made by Hussain (1971), and noted that a single migration of a Hipparion primitive species, Hipparion nagriensis during Lower Nagri time led to the lCal diversity of two Hipparion taxa in the Middle Siwalik horizons: Hipparion antelopinum, a small form with slender elongate third metapodials and more hypsodont teeth, and Hipparion theobaldi, a large form with more massive third metapodials and more hypsodont teeth than Hipparion nagriensis.The detailed systematic investigations of the Siwalik hipparionines have been made by Skinner and MacFadden (1977), MacFadden and Bakr (1979), and MacFadden and Woodburne (1982), based primarily on facial and dental characteristics.
But the USmanufacturer also recorded the loss of 31 787s from the cancellation of orders from Russia's S7 Airlines and Dubaibased leasing company LCAL, resulting in a net deficit of 13 aircraft by the end of January.
Meanwhile, Derby-based Rolls-Royce said aircraft leasing company LCAL had ordered Trent 1000 engines for three Boeing 787 Dreamliners.
Midlands aero engine giant Rolls-Royce has landed a deal worth $160 million (pounds 93.5 million) from newly-formed aircraft leasing firm LCAL.