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LCAMLung Cancer Awareness Month (Lung Cancer Alliance; Washington, DC)
LCAMLicensed Community Association Manager
LCAMLife Cycle Asset Manager
LCAMLaboratory of Complex Automation and Mechatronics (Laval University; Canada)
LCAMLicentiate of the Central Academy of Music
LCAMLarge Carrier Amplitude Modulation
LCAMLeft Center Attacking Midfield (soccer)
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t = air temperature, [degrees]F ([degrees]C) [t.sub.peak] = peak design temperature, [degrees]F ([degrees]C) DR = daily range, [degrees]F ([degrees]C) f = hourly fraction, taken from a table Alternatively, an equation fit to the fraction-of-daily-range data was developed and presented in LCAM 1E:
In 2005 and earlier editions of ASHRAE Handbook--Fundamentals and LCAM 1E, a table of hourly fractions, of unknown origins, was given.
The Chang'e 4 lander is equipped with a Landing Camera (LCAM), a Terrain Camera (TCAM), a Low-Frequency Spectrometer (LFS).
AD; 'bodyguard' (sku srung) taught at age 73 to king Ral pa can (805-?) dMu Tsog ge Gu rib clan; son of spotted at 3by Gyer 171 (yab) Gu rib Gyer spungs chen po; rgyung and (yum) sNya taught at 19 mo lcam gcig; paternal uncle dMu Shod tram chen po dMu Tso Gu rib clan; son of taught at 47 113 stangs (yab) Gu rib sTon pa rgyung nge and (yum) Rog shud Za a lo sman dMu Shod Gu rib clan; son of renunciation at 40 117 tram chen po (yab) Gu rib Khro rgyal and (yum) Ra mo lu gu; nephew dMu tsog ge dMur Gyal Gu rub clan; son of a shepherd;renunciation 220< ba blo gros pauper (yab) Gu rub at 45; meets dMu Shod Sh.
The PCI Laser Camera (LCAM) Interface provides medical imaging equipment developers everything needed to connect a host computer to a laser imager.
Learning Content Adaptation Management Scheme (LCAMS): To manage the learners' historical request data efficiently, we first apply the distance-based clustering approach to group the historical learners' requests into several sets, according to Learner Preference (LP).
Tremaine et al., "Application of liquid chromatography-accelerator mass spectrometry (LCAMS) to evaluate the metabolic profiles of a drug candidate in human urine and plasma," Drug Metabolism Letters, vol.
(27) The text does not specify why Marko, a high-profile politician, becomes scared for his life, and why Milena feels uneasy when she lcams that her acquaintance.
It is configured via a pull-down menu, and it can replace existing Analogic DASM LCAMs or can be added to existing installed SuperDASMs.