LCASLink Capacity Adjustment Scheme (SDH/SONET Virtual Concatenation)
LCASLocal Centre Authorization Service
LCASLink Capacity Adjustment Scheme
LCASLipoprotein and Coronary Atherosclerosis Study
LCASLane County Audubon Society (Eugene, OR)
LCASLifeCache Connect Android Service (mobile phone application development)
LCASLake County Astronomical Society (Illinois)
LCASLicensed Clinical Addictions Specialist
LCASLow Cost Access to Space (US NASA; research program)
LCASLake County Animal Services (Lakeport, CA)
LCASLorain County Aquarium Society (Ohio)
LCASLine Circuit Access Switch
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Harry Teasley, the first executive to use life cycle assessments to inform corporate decision-making, does not believe LCAs are appropriate for public policy analysis because of technological change.
The respondents' reluctance to share what is often considered to be sensitive data is a very common problem in developing accurate LCAs. It is also common to encounter trust issues associated with sharing some data associated with proprietary or specialized processes.
With a rising number of wood purchasers wanting to know the LCAs of what they buy, including those of the coatings, it is becoming important to know as accurately as possible how much coatings exactly prolong service lives of woods.
"LCAs may include areas of high-biological diversity, areas vulnerable to climate change, geologically hazardous areas, and other locally significant areas," she said.
Employers will be paid quarterly in arrears but evidence of training will have to be submitted to LCAS and there has to be a 20% retention upon completion.
available), and as a result, their employers do not file LCAs with the
At 9:45 p.m., weather permitting, LCAS astronomers view planets, stars, and more with members' telescopes.
PAUL NAGY, MS, LPC, LCAS, CCS, Assistant Professor, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Duke University School of Medicine
"We plan to deliver 16 LCAs to the IAF in the FOC configuration by this year-end and remaining four next year as we have increased the production capacity with an upfront investment of Rs13.8 billion in our Bengaluru complex," HAL Chairman R.
The Air Force has already placed an order for 40 LCA jets and has issued a tender to the HAL for another 83 Mark 1A LCAs to replace its vintage fleet of MiG-21 and MiG 27 planes but has had to postpone their phasing out in view of the delays in the LCA and other fighter aircraft procurement projects.
A key requirement is that the methodologies should take into account environmental impacts in a balanced way throughout the product's life cycle, by using information from life cycle assessments (LCAs) and inventories (LCIs).