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However, [T.sub.p] of LCB PE samples turned to be lower at higher LCBD. The difference in [T.sub.p] became more obvious at the cooling rates of 20 and 40[degrees]C [min.sup.-1], which was also observed by Islam et al.
Except for the sample Lin, the [X.sub.t] versus temperature curve shifted towards lower-temperature side as the LCBD increased.
1 decreased slightly at a given cooling rate with the increased LCBD. The LCB PE samples with higher LCBD had less crystallinity structure.
Meanwhile, the [] decreased as the LCBD increased.
Figure 10 shows the influence of LCBD on the relative crystallization rate (d[[CHI].sub.t]/dt) for all PE samples at various cooling rates.
It can be seen that the slopes (-[DELTA] E/R) of all the lines decreased with the increased LCBD. Figure lib shows the dependence of [DELTA] E on [alpha].
The overall crystallization rate thus decreased with the LCBD (cf.
In this study the non-isothermal crystallization kinetics of the linear and LCB PE samples with LCBD up to 0.44 C/1000 Cs was investigated at various cooling rates ranging from 2.5 to 40[degrees] C [min.sup.-1].
This is found by substituting 0.43 for LACRES (which translates into 1.54 acres), 8.44 for LPOP (equivalent to 4,628 persons), 1.32 for LCBD (equivalent to 3.74 miles) and 0.59 for zoning.