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To investigate the additional influence of both CBI and FMD on the inflationary effects of budget deficits, budget deficits (Def) are used also in interaction with the institutional variables, lCBI and lFMD (CBI and FMD, respectively, on an inverted scale).
As a result, the index takes the value of one to indicate the complete lack of CBI or FMD (that is, CBI= 0 or FMD = 0, implying lCBI=1 or lFMD=1), whereas zero indicates full CBI or FMD (that is, CB1=1 or FMD = 1, implying lCBI = 0 or lFMD = 0).
(iii) The shorter her birth intervals (LCBI) and duration of breast-feeding practice (MOBF).
Postpartum amenorrheic variables (FBI, LCBI, and MOBF) seem to have smaller effects on fertility as against the normal findings in the relevant literature.
The reasons may be their relatively higher exposure to the risk of intercourse (longer duration of marriage), and lower incidence of postpartum infecundity (shorter duration of postpartum amenorrheic variables, i.e., MOBF, FBI, LCBI).
Table 1 Regression of Children Ever Born on Proximate Determinants (Equation--1) MODEL 'A' (a) MODEL 'B' (b) Proximate Standard Standard Determinants Estimates Error Estimates Error DURMARY 0.274 *** 0.003 0.329 *** 0.003 FBI -0.025 *** 0.001 -0.028 *** 0.001 LCBI -0.027 *** 0.001 -0.028 *** 0.001 NSS 1.874 *** 0.056 -2.667 *** 0.054 MOBF -0.024 *** 0.003 -0.021 *** 0.002 WASTPREG -1.530 *** 0.208 -1.444 *** 0.204 IMR 0.733 *** 0.096 -0.833 *** 0.096 USE 0.145 ** 0.070 -0.597 *** 0.074 CONSTANT 1.084 0.086 0.122 0.086 [[bar.R] .sup.2] 0.609 0.699 F 1383.416 *** 1634.093 *** N 7077 5608 * Significant at 0.10 level.
The aim of this study was to identify risk factors for LCBI in neonates undergoing surgical procedures at a NUPC in a referral hospital.
Newborns (NB) who underwent surgery and presented the first episode of LCBI, defined by the reporting criteria of infection in infants under one year--according to the National Agency for Sanitary Surveillance (Agencia Nacional de Vigilancia Sanitaria --ANVISA), (12)--after the procedure, were the subject of this study.
Controls were newborns who underwent surgical procedures without any signs or symptoms of sepsis or any notification of LCBI in the post-operative period.
Multivariate analysis was performed by binary logistic regression, considering the dependent variable the occurrence of LCBI, and as predictors the risk factors significantly (p <0.05) associated with LCBI in univariate analysis.
cincticeps nymphs were brought to the Laboratory of Biological Control of Insects (LCBI) of the Universidade Federal de Vicosa (UFV) where they were fed on pupae of Tenebrio molitor L.