LCBSLuftfahrt Club Braunschweig (German aviation club; Braunschweig, Germany)
LCBSLinn County Blues Society (Iowa)
LCBSLight Commercial Building Solution (Honeywell)
LCBSLethbridge Community Band Society (Lethbridge, AB, Canada)
LCBSLoaded Cavity-Backed Slot (antennas)
LCBSLiquid Crystal Beam Steerer
LCBSLancashire & Cheshire Budgerigar Society
LCBSLocation-Based Community Service (mobile technology)
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Those indicate that the LCBs could make a lot of entanglement and improve the sag resistance of the system greatly.
The values for MW and MWD and the LCBs for the mLLDPE-2 were determined by Dr.
The extent of molecular weight distribution and long-chain branching of polymers has a significant impact on their rheological properties both in the linear and the non-linear viscoelastic regimes, and the onset and strength of the so-called strain-hardening behavior in extensional flows (i.e., the deviation from the linear viscoelastic envelope) occur faster and more accentuated in long-chain branched (LCB) melts as opposed to linear melts.
This 12-week course structure is curated as a 3-month optional term, as an inclusive part of a 10 months aACAyMasters Diploma in Luxury ManagementaACAO delivered by LCBS. LCBS students have a great opportunity to expose themselves to the seat of luxury brands and understand the DNA besides the unique system of luxury brand management conceptualised and created by Italian Luxury Brands.
For the rest of the species, recently germinated seedlings were collected following the trails within a primary forest fragment at LCBS, between September and December 2009.
The alignment recognized four LCBs, with three large-scale rearrangements, indicated by the double-cut-and-join (DCJ) distance value of 3.
All else equal, investors can be expected to look more favourably on LCBs, and internationally there is evidence that LCBs trade at lower spreads than SCBs, particularly during periods of reduced market liquidity.
The PACFLT Logistics Coordination Board (LCB) chaired by Rear Adm.
PP resins with LCBs are in market mostly for foam applications and compared to L-PP show a significant strain-hardening behaviour and higher melt strength, as indicated by Lagendijk et al.
When the method of construction is the same, one classification scheme can draw on another, for example the faceted classification used by the London Education Classification thesaurus, Thesaurofacet, and the London Classification of Business Studies (LCBS).
It was concluded that G2 and G2(MP2) methods estimate the LCB values with equal accuracy so that there is no need to use a computationally more demanding G2 method for predicting LCBs.
We are purchasing permits for our LCBs online, and we're registering our vehicles more and more online.