LCCPLicence Conditions and Codes of Practice (UK)
LCCPLight (Forces) Contingency Communications Package
LCCPLife-Cycle Climate Performance
LCCPLondon Climate Change Partnership (UK)
LCCPLettre du Cercle Culturel des Pondichériens (French: Letter from the Cultural Circle of Pondicherrians)
LCCPLexmark Cartridge Collection Program (recycling)
LCCPLambert Conformal Conical Projection
LCCPLouisiana Cancer Control Partnership
LCCPLaunch Control Computer Program
LCCPLow Cost Cryogenic Propulsion
LCCPLight Communication Configured Package
LCCPLaboratory of Catalysis and Catalytic Processes
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"While the LCCP fundamentals remain firmly intact, we acknowledge the disappointing cost and schedule overrun.
Betting shops are required to adhere to the Gambling Commission's LCCP, which are further supported by the obligations put in place by the Proceeds of Crime Act, 2002 (POCA), which requires all gambling operators to be alert to customers looking to gamble funds acquired unlawfully.
Instead, should not one consider that the most sustainable solution for an application corresponds to the fluid that provides the lowest LCCP for a given cost of ownership?
For instance, AHRI developed an LCCP tool for residential heat pumps that evaluates direct and indirect GWP contributions throughout the life of a heat pump based on defining both heating and cooling loads for various cities in the United States (Zhang, 2011).
En los ultimos anos se han venido desarrollando metodos para analizar las LCCP, algunos de ellos han sido resumidos por Poulos [10] y clasificados en tres grupos:
The LCCP employed three techniques that, working together, sought to address the systematic flaws identified in the FWC land cover data:
In the present study, an LCCP simulation tool was developed for analyzing the environmental impacts of transport refrigeration and air conditioning products.
Along with other selections, her photo was displayed at Click, the LCCP's annual ball, on March 8.
Another similar measure is the life-cycle climate performance (LCCP), which, in addition to including the effects captured by TEWI, also attempts to account for other indirect effects related to the manufacturing, transporting, recycling, etc., of the refrigerant.
Companies can assist by conducting a Lubrication Contamination Control Point (LCCP) survey, which forms part of the plant Food Safety Plan.
Dover Chemical is introducing Doverbond 3000, the new trade name of its long-chain chlorinated paraffin (LCCP) process aid and compatibilizer for wood-filled HDPE or PP.