LCCPSLowell Community Charter Public School (Lowell, MA)
LCCPSLight Contingency Communications Parent Switch
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Influence of MCCPs and LCCPs. Since MCCPs and LCCPs may also be present in the sample of SCCPs and their presence may interfere with SCCPs analysis, it is necessary to study their influence on SCCPs.
As can be seen from Figure 6, in the sample containing three kinds of CPs, only SCCPs show obvious signals, while MCCPs merely have weak signals and LCCPs have no signals.
Results showed that the total peak areas of SCCPs in two kinds of samples were basically same, and the RSD values of SCCPs peak areas were less than 0.9%, indicating that the presence of MCCPs and LCCPs would not interfere with the subsequent quantification of SCCPs.