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LCDRLieutenant Commander
LCDRLicking County Domestic Relations Court (Newark, OH)
LCDRLieutenant Commander, USN
LCDRLung Cancer Death Rate
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During his 15 week training, LCDR Joseph visited the U.
LCDR Allen McKibben, SC, USN, Keyport Material Division Head and Submarine Supply Assistance Team Officer, Fleet and Industrial Supply Center Puget Sound, Wash.
Pictured from left to right, CMC Michelle Lewis, LCDR Kristen Vechinski, LT Me-lissa Shin, ABHEC James Helsper, CSC Ceasar Nucum, LSC Mordeaci Hawthorne, LT Geno Dawson, CDR Woody Browne, and CSC Christine Knutson.
Upon completion of their fellowships, LCDR Baumhover and LCDR Lamb will serve three year follow-on tours in one of our key supply chain management assignments to use the skills and ideas attained from their experiences.
Fleet Marine Force Qualifi ed Officer LCDR Jason W.
Supply Corps officers in the photo background include LCDR Mat Hoffman, CDR James Lowther, CDR Chris Nelson, CDR Andrew Escriva, CDR Bob Winters, CDR Ken McKinley, CDR Tom Fulford, LCDR Kirk Dial, CDR Marvin McGuire, CDR Pam Willsborgstede, CDR Rudolph Geisler, CDR Rachel Fant, LCDR Michael Jefferson, LCDR Saunders and LCDR David Hazelhurst.
Celebrating the Supply Corps birthday in the Pentagon are, from left to right, CAPT Kevin Redman, CDR Joe Russell, CAPT Francis Tisak, LCDR Nicki Chambers, LCDR Sam Riser, CAPT Jim Reich, RADM Mike Lyden, Commander, Naval Supply Systems Command and Chief of Supply Corps, CAPT Kevin Wheelock, CAPT (Ret.
LCDR Mark Axinto from Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) to BOS, Iraq, Contracting Officer.
Current members include CAPT Bob Dodson, CDR Ken Montegross, LCDR Ken Webb, LCDR Jim Easton, LT Brad Larsen, LCDR Jason Kantola, LCDR Jimmy Hahm, CDR Ed Chevalier, LTC Peter Curran (Australian Army), CAPT Carl Stewart, LCDR Bruce Laible, LCDR Mike Lanin, LCDR Jake Miller, LCDR Darin Perrine, LTJG Larry Tellinghuisen, CAPT Ron Conrad, LT Cameron Rogers, LT Eric Schmidt, CAPT Sharon Sullivan, LCDR Walt DeGrange, and LCDR Bill Murray.
Front row from left, CAPT Sharon Sullivan, CAPT Jay Stocks, SKCS Vincent Caro, SKC Leonardo Holland, LCDR Jacob Miller, SK1 Allen Estacio, OS1 Charles Boothe, and SK2 Wendy Seaux.
LCDR Jasos Adams to Base Operating Support (BOS), Iraq
Back row, LT Bert Pama, Materials Officer; LCDR Brian Anderson, Asst.