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LCDSLow Current Differential Signaling
LCDSLearning Content Development System (Microsoft)
LCDSLoudoun Country Day School (Leesburg, VA)
LCDSLive Cycle Data Services
LCDSLoan Credit Default Swap (finance)
LCDSLine Conditioned Data Stream (Xerox LPS Printers)
LCDSLambton County Developmental Services (Petrolia, ON, Canada)
LCDSLoss of Cell Delineation Seconds (ANSI)
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''As we introduced a 30-inch LCD TV at the end of last year, we need just one more effort to complete a lineup of (LCD-based) next-generation TVs of all sizes,'' Machida said in reference to Sharp's plan to discontinue production of CRT TVs by 2005.
LCD manufacturing is just as sensitive to corrosive residues as printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing can often be.
NEC plans to mass-produce a total of 2m of the new LCDs per month for mobile phones.
While LCDs distort their image when the display is under pressure, such as by a finger pressing on the glass, LEP displays suffer no such effects.
10.4" AG104VA-N12N-NNM-V1 High Bright TFT LCD Module
Not just that, OLED displays are typically more vivid in the terms of colors than LCDs.
This is the first LCD for aviation usage to incorporate Advanced Super View LCD, a display technology that Sharp developed for the AQUOS LCD TV.
The two companies have agreed to launch negotiations on their alliance in the small- and medium-sized LCD business with the aim of signing a legally binding contract by the end of June, they said.
In response to the price drops, even established brands such as Sharp and Panasonic are offering 20-inch LCDs below $1,000, Shulklapper added.
So companies that manufacture medical equipment demand a stable supply of LCDs and a commitment to long supply lifetimes." Cramer, marketing and business-development manager at Optrex America, notes that medical-equipment builders want a two- to three-year notice when a manufacturer plans to declare the 'end-of-life' for a display.
The new LCD modules combine technology characteristics of the Sharp AQUOS Liquid Crystal TV, referred to as the ASV LCD with Sharp's proprietary small format display technology, referred to as the Advanced-TFT.
The major display market research and consulting firm said that not only does the level of demand for LCD TVs look strong, rising 29% to 188 million units, but also both plasma and cathode-ray tube (CRT) TV technologies have a better outlook in 2010 than previously expected.