LCENLine Card Equipment Number (Hekimian)
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Dielectric studies on materials such as liquid crystalline epoxy networks (LCEN) not only facilitate a better understanding of the processes occurring in the material but also enable correlating distinct features of the dielectric response with specific properties of the sample.
The aim of the author was to show differences in the dielectric responses of rigid and more elastic LCEN, by using two different curing agents.
Article 22(2) of LCEN defines "consent" as "any manifestation of free, specific and informed will whereby a person accepts that personal data concerning them may be used for the purposes of direct marketing".
The LCEN provides a derogation from the principle of prior consent where the individual has already been contacted for a sale or the provision of a service for "similar" goods or services by the same company.
The dependent variables from the sperm ACM-FISH assay include duplications of lp36.3, deletions of lp36.3, duplications of the lcen region, deletions of the lcen region, breaks in 1q12, breaks between 1q12 and lcen, and numerical aberrations including diploidy/disomy of chromosome 1 and chromosome 1 nullisomy.
summarize total duplications (lp36.3 + lcen), deletions (lp36.3 + lcen), breaks (breaks in 1q 12 + breaks between 1q12 and lcen), structural aberrations (all duplications, deletions, and breaks), and numerical aberrations (diploidy/disomy + nullisomy).
Information Week reported that the ASIC has filed a petition on behalf of more than 20 technology firms to France's highest administrative court, the Conseil d'Etat, "challenging the cost required to store large amounts of data for a long duration, charging that the data-gathering requirements exceed what's specified in the LCEN and the EU's E-Commerce Directive, and also that France failed to consult the EU on the changes, which may be a violation of EU law."
Ensuite, la LCEN de 2004 rappelle cette obligation d'information precontractuelle a ses articles 19 et 2592 et habilite le pouvoir executif a formuler une solution specifique aux equipements de radiocommunication mobile (93).
(116) Le standard ouvert renvoie a <<tout protocole de communication, d'interconnexion ou d'echange et tout format de donnees interoperable et dont les specifications techniques sont publiques et sans restriction d'acces ni de mise en oeuvre>> (LCEN, supra note 39, art.
Hazel Beacon, Chair of LCEN, says: "Tree planting in urban areas is a great way to give something back to the environment.
If you work as part of a local community or voluntary organisation and would like to receive one of the trees to plant in your neighbourhood, or if you are interested in joining the LCEN, please contact LCVS on 0151-227 5177 before Friday April 3.