LCESLouisiana Cooperative Extension Service (Louisiana State University)
LCESLookouts, Communications, Escape Routes & Safety Zones (fire service)
LCESLaw Courts Education Society (est. 1989; Canada)
LCESLancashire County Engineering Services (Preston, England, UK)
LCESLine Conditioning Equipment Scanner
LCESLeeds Community Equipment Service (UK National Health Service)
LCESLiberty City Emergency Services (gaming, Grand Theft Auto)
LCESLloyd Center for Environmental Studies (Dartmouth, MA)
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In adults with epilepsy, is there a significant relationship between perceived changes in ability to sleep well because of having epilepsy and total LCES scores?
Demographic data were collected, and the LCES (Miller et al.
Participants' LCES scores were also analyzed descriptively by item, and total LCES scores were calculated.
There was a statistically significant, strong positive relationship between the sleep and overall life changes items of the LCES (Pearson r = .
There was a statistically significant, strong positive relationship between the sleep item of the LCES and total LCES scores (Pearson r = .
In this sample, there was a clear relationship between the LCES sleep item and total LCES scores as well as between the LCES sleep item and criterion item (which asks participants to rate how their lives have changed overall because of epilepsy).
Those who indicate negative changes in ability to sleep well via the LCES or other assessment method could be further evaluated for sleep quality using a tool such as the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (Buysse, Reynolds, Monk, Berman, & Kupfer, 1989).
El sexo es practicado en clubes bajo una percepcion diferente de los demas LCES, porque todo se hace en ellos, a principio, delante de los demas--no hay cabinas o puertas, no hay espacios totalmente oscuros.
The training came out of a new partnership that was formed between municipal police in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia's capital city), the federal Supreme Court, the Ministry of Justice, the EWLA, and the LCES.
The LCES has just been awarded funding over four years from the Canadian International Development Agency to take the work deeper in order to build the capacity of the Ethiopian justice system in cases of domestic violence.
While working in South Africa and Ethiopia, the LCES produced a documentary titled It's Time.
As a non-profit organization with ongoing public and private sector financial and volunteer support, the LCES is able to offer a unique and comprehensive collection of justice-related educational services and work effectively towards creating a justice system that is accessible to all.