LCESLive Cycle Enterprise Suite
LCESLouisiana Cooperative Extension Service (Louisiana State University)
LCESLookouts, Communications, Escape Routes & Safety Zones (fire service)
LCESLaw Courts Education Society (est. 1989; Canada)
LCESLancashire County Engineering Services (Preston, England, UK)
LCESLine Conditioning Equipment Scanner
LCESLeeds Community Equipment Service (UK National Health Service)
LCESLiberty City Emergency Services (gaming, Grand Theft Auto)
LCESLloyd Center for Environmental Studies (Dartmouth, MA)
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The DILG spokesman challenged LCEs to be creative in enticing private landowners to cooperate with the government's traffic management advocacy by implementing measures and policies that can benefit them.
President Duterte met with around 1,500 LCEs which included governors and city and municipal mayors from all over the country, in a gathering a day after he delivered his fourth State of the Nation Address (SONA) where he reiterated his commitment to the fight against corruption and illegal drugs.
To solve this, the researchers installed a light-activated trigger to LCE networks that can set a desired molecular alignment in advance by exposing the object to particular wavelengths of light.
LCEs are commonly used in the displays of modern televisions, but in this case, the group leveraged the distinct molecular arrangement of the material, which makes it susceptible to be influenced by heat as well as light.
The interior secretary clarified that the LCEs were stripped of their police powers due to their alleged involvement in the illegal drug trade, corruption, failure to stop acts of terrorism, or for having provided various forms of support to terrorist groups.
Segun la ley, la LCES (2016, p.2), en su articulo cuarto, menciona que 'todos los bienes inmuebles ubicados dentro del territorio del Estado de Sinaloa, deberan estar inscritos en el catastro, incluyendo los bienes inmuebles de ejidatarios o comuneros y los de propiedad de los municipios, Estado y Federacion"; mientras que el parrafo segundo del articulo 1 de la Ley de Hacienda Municipal de Sinaloa (2016, p.1) dicta que "los Ayuntamientos, en el ambito de su competencia, propondran al H.
Dry density of LCES decreases dramatically with the increase of EPS beads volumetric content, while it increases slightly with the increase of cement content.
The Life Changes in Epilepsy Scale (LCES) was developed based on existing qualitative data and the literature as well as Lazarus and Folkman's (1984) Theory of Stress, Coping, and Adaptation.
Compared to HCRs and liquid silicone rubbers (LSRs), the high clarity and low viscosity associated with LCEs are primarily attributed to their unique base formulations, which may incorporate phenyl.
As a result, LCEs of the type shown in Figure 1 are important to learn how polymerization and cross-linking influence liquid crystal order.
ba zab/ de lta bu'i tshogs shing bzang 'brel zhing zab pa'i skabs 'dir sngon byung gi lo rgyus zur tsam zhig zhus shig ces (5) bka' phebs byung bar/ de yang lo rgyus rgyas pa 'khor lo'i rtsibs 'dra ba ni blos mi lcogs/ don zab pa rdo rje'i rwa ba 'dra ba ni lces mi thegs kyang/ tshig (6) nyung la don 'dus pa mu tig dar la brgyus pa lta bu zhig zhu (7) ba (8) la/ ji skad du/
Within the aforementioned zones and sub-zones of eastern Arabia, Ghazanfar also recognises three discrete and subsidiary local centres of endemism ("LCEs"): (a) the Dhofar Mountains; (b) the central limestone plateau area (Haushi-Huqf-Hayma-Harmoul); and (c) the Hajar Mountains (including the Musandam mountains or Ru'us al-Jibal) (Ghazanfar 1999, 2003).