LCFMLane County Farmers Market (Eugene, OR)
LCFMLiquid-Fed Ceramic Melter
LCFMLesser Curvature and Fundus Myotomy
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While YWA has remained primarily a clan-self help association reliant only on the economic support and volunteer time of its members, LCFM, HAP and AAHWM have shifted their programming and funding strategies in recent years to meet the changing interests of funders and to respond to changing priorities identified in the Hmong and wider immigrant and refugee communities.
In these respects, LCFM, HAP and AAHWM support Werbner's (1985) thesis noted above which posits that ethnic organizations with ambiguous missions and multiple interests in social, cultural and political issues are more likely to be able to sustain themselves over the long haul.
The death of General Vang Pao in early January 2011 led to a power vacuum and a very public struggle for control of LCFM. YWA and other local clan associations in the Twin Cities continued to be active and very relevant as forms of social networking and support for their members, functions that have also, it should be noted, been increasingly filled in recent years by the local Christian Missionary Alliance (CMA) and other churches among the growing Hmong Christian community in the Twin Cities.
These images were taken as part of a series of scans at different depths (multi-z-section scanning) by LCFM. The CPO layer is fluorescent and is represented by the bright areas in these images.
LCFM depth profiling indicated that the microtoming process distorted the sample.
In a previous publication, (15) we described LCFM experiments on blends of this CPO, PP1042 and EBR9.
LCFM experiments using Nile Red as a free dye provided evidence that the solvent used in the CPO coating step, coupled with the post-application bake step, led to a change in the impact modifier morphology near the TPO/CPO interface.