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LCFSLow-Carbon Fuel Standard
LCFSLast Closed Flux Surface (plasma physics)
LCFSLocal Counter Fraud Specialist (UK)
LCFSLast-Come, First-Served
LCFSLutheran Children and Family Service (Philadelphia, PA)
LCFSLEGO County Fire Service (fictional fire service)
LCFSLondon Centre for Fashion Studies (now School of Design London; Northumbria University; UK)
LCFSLast Call for Summer
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Recently, LCFS was honored by receiving the All Children All Families Seal of Recognition as a 2019 "Innovator in Supporting and Serving LGBTQ Youth & Families." LCFS is the only private child welfare agency in Illinois being recognized at this top tier.
For instance, operators of biorefineries and anaerobic digesters that capture and sequester their CO[sub.2] emissions can qualify both for federal tax credits and the LCFS, should they sell their low-carbon fuels in California (Sanchez, Johnson, et al.
The modelling is based on several detailed datasets, including the OECD Structural and Demographic Business Statistics (SDBS) and the UNIDO INDSTAT4 for production data, the UN COMTRADE (trade), the UNCTAD TRAINS (tariffs), the FAO database (agricultural production and trade data), the UK Input-Output Tables and the UK Living Costs and Food Survey (LCFS, which has been described above).
California's LCFS has been operating since January 2013 and will
The California Air Resources Board administers the Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS), which uses a market-based cap and trade approach to decrease greenhouse gas emissions from petroleum-based transportation fuels, including gasoline and diesel.
(ii) The proposed method outperforms PCA, BLM, GMMFA, GMLDA, LCFS, CM, SM, and SCM [21,22] on image retrieval given text query and vice versa.
CARB's LCFS rule regulates lifecycle GHG emissions of fuel, including emissions produced during production and transportation of fuels to California.
The pathway only applies to Sustainable Oils' US Patent and Trademark Office-registered seed varieties - no other Camelina seed or oil can be used to produce LCFS compliant fuel.
Assim, Santos (2008) destaca que, desde a criacao das nove regioes metropolitanas classicas (LCFs 14/73 e 20/74), o Governo Federal acredita fielmente que a organizacao de todo o territorio ocorre a partir de uma hierarquia extensa formada por poucos polos urbanos.
For example, California's "Low Carbon Fuel Economy Standard" (LCFS) sets a maximum average carbon intensity for fuels--effectively a CAFE standard for fuels.