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LCFSLow-Carbon Fuel Standard
LCFSLast-Come, First-Served
LCFSLutheran Children and Family Service (Philadelphia, PA)
LCFSLondon Centre for Fashion Studies (now School of Design London; Northumbria University; UK)
LCFSLast Call for Summer
LCFSLEGO County Fire Service (fictional fire service)
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When we look at the distribution of price impacts by household (within the LCFS sample) we get a better sense of the number of households that allocate a significant proportion of their spending to heavily traded goods and so are particularly vulnerable to tariff changes.
the LCFS violated the dormant Commerce Clause doctrine and was preempted
242) The LCFS mandates petroleum-based fuel producers "to reduce the carbon intensity of their products, beginning with a quarter of a percent in 2011 culminating in a ten percent total reduction in 2020.
ii) The proposed method outperforms PCA, BLM, GMMFA, GMLDA, LCFS, CM, SM, and SCM [21,22] on image retrieval given text query and vice versa.
CARB's LCFS rule regulates lifecycle GHG emissions of fuel, including emissions produced during production and transportation of fuels to California.
This unique pathway approval, combined with our previous EPA RFS approval, lays the foundation for Sustainable Oils' Camelina to play an expanded role in meeting the ambitious carbon reduction requirements of the CA LCFS in the coming years," said Richard Palmer, SusOils CEO.
Our first project in this line of research analyzes how an LCFS affects market equilibria and uses simulations to understand the outcomes of national LCFSs that reduce the average carbon intensity of fuels by 1, 5, and 10 percent.
Because of the rarity of the condition, the literature on LCFS is limited to case reports and small case series.
Part III will review existing United States measures that affect the use of oil sand, with a particular focus on California's recently enacted LCFS.
According to a study conducted by Barr Associates, the LCFS would force suppliers and distributors to increase the transportation distance of crudes used in the Northeast.
75) If widely adopted, the LCFS could constrain imports from Canadian oil sands and encourage greater production of sugarcane, soy, and cellulosic ethanol and biodiesel.