LCGBLambretta Club of Great Britain
LCGBLetzebuerger Chreschtleche Gewerkschafts Bond (German: Confederation of Christian Unions in Luxembourg)
LCGBLactation Consultants of Great Britain (UK)
LCGBLocomotive Club of Great Britain (UK)
LCGBLanguage Change: Grammaticalization and Beyond (linguistic workshop)
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I would like to thank Jill Dye IBCLC and Co-Coordinator for LCGB, for her editing suggestions and my IBCLC colleague Siobhan Pierce for adding some ideas.
Stamatakos MM, Houston CGD, Fowler LCGB, Boyd ME, Solanki CPH.
As the main organiser of the event together with the Luxembourg unions OGBL and LCGB, the ETUC denounces recommendations on "comparisons of unit labour costs; hostility towards wage indexation; a connection between pay and productivity without regard to inflation; downward pressure on public sector pay; downward pressure on pension rights and early retirement schemes as well as encouragement of strict constitutional controls on debt and public expenditure".