LCGMLow Conductive Growth Medium
LCGMLanding Craft, Gunboat (US Navy)
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After selecting the appropriate components (learning materials), LCGM organizes the selected components based on individual students' learning styles and cognitive styles.
This area is located in the center of the screen for presenting the learning materials organized by LCGM.
Although diets were originally formulated to contain 12% CP in the low protein diet and 16% CP in the high protein diet, CP contents of the experimental diets actually fed in the present experiment averaged 12.0, 16.2, 12.5 and 15.7% DM for LCGM, HCGM, LSBM and HSBM, respectively.
Thus, although not determined in the present study, microbial growth for LCGM may be limited due to ammonia N concentration being less than 33 mg/L at 5 h post-feeding (Figure 1B).
As a result, both HCGM and HSBM supplied more RDP than LCGM and LSBM, respectively (Table 2).
LCGM widespread spamming was held to be a trespass to chattels as well as a violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act and a trademark violation.