LCGPLhc Computing Grid Project
LCGPCenter-Right Trade Union (Luxembourg)
LCGPLorain County Growth Partnership (Ohio)
LCGPLarge Cap Growth Portfolio (finance)
LCGPLanding Craft, Group (US Navy)
LCGPLancaster County Green Party (Lancaster, PA)
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Computationally, the assumption that the tasks faced by the learner are related to one another represents a powerful bias at the metalevel, ensuring that metalearning algorithms do not run afoul of the NFL theorems or the LCGP. Indeed, it has been shown both empirically (Thrun 1996) and theoretically (Baxter 2000) that this bias can improve generalization performance, especially when training data are scarce.
Least Commitment Graph-Plan (LCGP) (Cayrol, Regnier, and Vidal 2000) uses heuristics similar to Kambhampati and Sanchez (2000) in a GraphPlan algorithm that alters the structure of the planning graph.
New Results about LCGP, A Least Committed Graphplan.