LCGSLaunceston Church Grammar School (Australia)
LCGSLow Cost Ground Surveillance (US FAA)
LCGSLanark County Genealogical Society (Ontario, Canada)
LCGSLicking County Genealogical Society (Ohio)
LCGSLandelijk Contact Gereformeerde Studentenverenigingen (Dutch: National Contact of Reformed Student Unions; Netherlands)
LCGSLewes County Grammar School (UK)
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When responding to LCGs, HCR are significantly more likely to respond to the HI than the MI and more likely to respond to the MI than the LI groom.
However, for the LI category HCR are significantly more likely to send a response to the MCG than the LCG. Column 2 results indicate that for the monthly income categories HI and MI, the MCR are significantly more likely to respond to their own-caste groom than the LCG.
LCGS offers steam, treated and demineralised water to industrial clients in the Geismar basin.
It is well known that s-tuples made up from LCGs lie on lattices composed of a family of parallel hyperplanes [Marsaglia 1968; 1972].
Suppose we have j full-period LCGs defined by [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII].
The generators proposed by Tindo [98] are equivalent to LCGs where the constant C is a vector of ones, while the matrix A has identical elements [a.sub.0] on its diagonal, identical elements [a.sub.1] on its subdiagonal, and zeros elsewhere.
LCGs can be generalized to quadratic generators of the form
The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has awarded a contract to Northrop Grumman Corporation (NYSE:NOC) for the Low-Cost Ground Surveillance (LCGS) programme to improve situational awareness of airport surface traffic.
In Section 4, we show that the specific LCGs proposed by Wu [1997], which otherwise perform well in the spectral test, fail this independence test in a decisive way.
Three recent papers published by ACM have presented strong arguments for the use of specific algorithms for random number generator (RNG): one a multiplicative linear congruential (LCG) (Park and Miller), the second (L'Ecuyer) a mixture of LCGs, the third (Haas) a multiple prime method.
Some of the combination methods, like bitwise addition modulo 2 [2], apply to LCGs having the same modulus; but if the individual LCGs have full periods, both they and the combined generator have the same period, so, the period is not increased.