LCHLLaity Committee in the Holy Land (Palestinian Christian group)
LCHLLateral Head Coracohumeral Ligament
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gordonae was studied by analyzing the relative growth pattern of the key variables (RCHL, LCHL, RCHW, LCHW, and AW for females) against carapace length (CL), as an independent variable.
Potential regressions (Y = a [X.sup.b]) fitted between carapace width (CW) (independent variable) and abdomen width (AW), left chelae length (LChL), left chelae height (LChH), right chelae length (RChL), and right chelae height (RChH) by sex.
DeFi Global Inc (Pink Sheets: LCHL), a US-based telecom company, has announced that it will launch a next-generation mobile application for the Apple iPhone on board cruise ship, Allure of the Seas, owned by Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd, a US-based cruise holiday company.
Measurements were conducted with sliding calipers to the nearest 0.5 mm and included: abdomen width (AW, measured between the 4th and 5th abdominal somites), left and right cheliped lengths (LChL and RChL, maximum length of the upper portion of the propodus), and left and right maximum cheliped height (LChH and RChH, maximum height of the propodus measured in its exterior face).