LCHOLow-Cost Home Ownership (UK)
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during runners workout (11M, 12 F) Author (year) Measures Treatment Carrithers, 2000 Muscle glycogen CHO, CHO:PRO, Serum GLU CHO:AA Serum insulin Eucaloric (1 g.[kg.sup.-1] CHO), every 30 m for 4 h Ivy, 2002 Muscle GLY CHO: PRO (80:28) LCHO Plasma insulin (80 g) H CHO (108 g) Saunders, 2004 CPK performance CHO (7.3%) & CHO:PRO (7.3%: 1.8%) Given during and post exercise Betts, 2005 Run time to 9% CHO v.
HTBAs will deliver a range of Help To Buy Agent branded services, advising people on their low cost home ownership options and supporting administration of the HCA~s low cost home ownership (LCHO) and equity loan products, to provide a seamless and consistent service to our customers.
The Dundee site is required to provide a minimum of 30 units for affordable rent and 6 units for LCHO. Additional units may be provided for outright sale by the Contractor / Developer.