LCHPLow-Carbohydrate, High-Protein
LCHPLocal Care Health Plan (Illinois)
LCHPLancaster Community Health Plan
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Unadjusted figures show that, compared with an LCHP score of six or less, cardiovascular diseases increased by 13 percent for women with a score from 7 to 9, to 23 percent for those with a score from 10 to 12, to 54 percent for those with a score from 13 to 15, and to 60 percent for those with a score of 16 or higher.
After adjusting for other cardiovascular risk factors, there was still a significant 5 percent increase in the likelihood of a cardiovascular event or death with every two point increase in the LCHP score.
The researchers concluded that LCHP diets "used on a regular basis and without consideration of the nature of carbohydrates or the source of proteins" are associated with cardiovascular risk.
Over the 10-week trial, six cats were given the LCHP diet (DM Dietetic Management Feline Formula dry & canned, Nestle Purina) and six cats were given control diets (Pro Plan Adult Cat total Care Chicken and Rice dry, Nestle Purina and Friskies Special Diet Turkey & Giblets Dinner canned, Nestle Purina).
The main difference between the two groups was that the cats fed the LCHP diet had significantly lower serum fructosamine levels compared to the cats on the control diets.
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LCHP lenders' business practices maximize performance
By definition, LCHP lenders outperformed 75 percent of their peers in achieving lower average costs to originate and higher overall productivity.
Retail and wholesale LCHP lenders adopted many of the same business practices, but their tactics varied slightly.
Union Bank of California, a San Francisco-based wholesale LCHP lender and the third-largest bank headquartered in the state, credits its high productivity to a combination of strategies.
Innovation helps consumer-direct LCHP lenders stay ahead