LCIASLow Cost Integrated Avionics
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"We found that for the vehicle operation phase of our LCIA, the annual health damages avoided in the US with 10-percent less gasoline-run motor vehicle emissions ranges from about 5,000 to 20,000 DALY, with most of the damage resulting from primary fine particle emissions," said McKone.
LCIA aggregates the inventory data and classifies them into the type of environmental impact to which they contribute, for example, GWP.
The specific focus of this report is a cradle-to-grave LCI and LCIA of bio-oil produced from fast pyrolysis (Fig.
This study included both an LCI and an LCIA of bio-oil and RFO.
This study presents a cradle-to-gate LCI and LCIA for the production of wood fuel pellets in the Southeast region of the United States.
LCIA allows for the interpretation of several impact categories, such as global warming potential (weighted net emissions of GHG), acidification, carcinogenics, respiratory effects, and eutrophication.