LCIWLouisiana Correctional Institute for Women (St. Gabriel, LA)
LCIWLeath Correctional Institution for Women (South Carolina Department of Corrections)
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Physical fitness, health and wellness opportunities at LCIW include programs that are both ordered by medical providers for medical purposes, as well as those that are chosen by offenders to enhance their coping, decrease stress and condition their bodies.
The primary type of physical activity ordered by LCIW medical professionals is physical therapy provided by a licensed physical therapist.
One program at LCIW that helps to foster nurturing within severely mentally ill inmates as well as help them learn about responsibilities and make connections with others is the Grow a Plant program.
In an effort to truly affect inmates' health and wellness, in the summer of 2011, the LCIW Director of Nurses Karen Bess, under the direction of LCIW Warden Jim Rogers and Deputy Warden Connie Moore, instituted a nurse-led offender Wellness Group.
The women at LCIW would often tell Pierce how helpful she was to them by explaining the policy and procedures of the institution and they appreciated that she always treated them with respect.
"Pierce shows great empathy and tries to help offenders make better lives for themselves while still making sure that the public is protected," said Major Melanie Zedlitz from the LCIW Department of Public Safety.