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LCJLord Chief Justice
LCJLakeland College Japan (Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan)
LCJLittérature Canadienne pour la Jeunesse
LCJLinuxcon Japan (computer programming)
LCJLean Construction Journal
LCJLeague of Cambodian Journalists
LCJLegendary Civilian Jeepers (jeep owners club)
LCJLost City of the Jedi (Star Wars)
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Although there is some ambiguity, Campbell LCJ seemed to apply the rule for restraint of trade cases to non-compete agreements and suggesting that they are per se legal.
Morgan LCJ noted the reports of A's positive relationships with the three adopted 'children', in particular her warm relationship with the 19-year-old who suffered from spina bifida, and remarked that 'everyone is agreed that Mr and Mrs S are and should remain important people in A's life'.
Even taking the LCJ's findings at face value, it is
Thomassen LCJ, Rabolli V, Masschaele K, Alberto G, Tomatis M, Ghiazza M, et al.
Our alliances with DRI, FDCC, ADTA, LCJ, and the Institute for Legal Reform have only strengthened this past year.
(16.) Lima LCJ, Assis G V, Hiyane W, Almeida WS, Arsa G, Baldissera V, et al.
The final scores obtained by the genotypes of Bourbon coffee indicate a high potential for the production of specialty coffees, especially with Yellow Bourbon LCJ 9--Agronomical Institute of Campinas; Yellow Bourbon-Experimental Farm EPAMIG/Machado; Yellow Bourbon--Farm Bom Jardim and Yellow Bourbon Amarelo--Fazenda Boa Vista.
(6.) Kilsztajn S, Carmo MS, Machado LCJ, Lopes ES, Lima LZ.
Japan-based Aozora Bank Ltd (AON.MU), controlled by Cerberus Capital Management LP, and Shinsei Bank Ltd (LCJ.BE), backed by investor Christopher Flowers, have acknowledged that they are in talks to merge.
(47) See R v Bailey [1956] NI 15, 26 (Lord MacDermott LCJ); R v Kane [1967] NZLR 60, 64 (McCarthy J for North P, Turner and McCarthy JJ); R v Sharpe [1938] 1 All ER 48, 51 (Du Parcq J for Lord Hewart LCJ, Humphreys and Du Parcq J J).
The retired civil servant read out in full an undated memo he had written to Lord Widgery, the then Lord Chief Justice (LCJ) chairing the original investigation.