LCLSLinac Coherent Light Source (Stanford linear accerator center)
LCLSLee County Library System (Fort Myers, Florida)
LCLSLackawanna County Library System (Pennsylvania)
LCLSLewis and Clark Library System (Edwardsville, IL)
LCLSLincoln County Library System (Wyoming)
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Caption: Figure 2 (A, B, C)--Lateral carpus: TMLDE=tendon of the muscle lateral digital extensor, LCLS = lateral collateral ligament, superficial component, LCLD = lateral collateral ligament, deep component.
In that area, LCLS has revolutionized the study of membrane proteins by allowing a new technique known as "diffraction before destruction" that can measure the atomic structure of very delicate samples.
In the LCLS experiment, researchers jetted a thin stream of helium droplets, like a nanoscale string of pearls, into a vacuum.
This month LCLS physicists and engineers employed the newly-installed electron injector system and successfully created and accelerated a pulse of electrons.
While it is common knowledge that triggering resonances in atoms will affect their charged states, "it was not clear to anybody what a dramatic effect this could have in heavy atoms when they are being ionized by a source like LCLS," Rolles said.
The LCLS generates its laser beam by accelerating bunches of electrons to nearly the speed of light and setting them on a zig-zag path with a series of magnets.
Although LCLS and the neon capsule are both lasers, they create light in different ways and emit light with different attributes.
NuSTAR can convert high-energy X-ray photons into sharp images because of its innovative telescope design, said SLAC engineering physicist Jason Koglin, who currently helps users of the Linac Coherent Light Source get the information they need from the LCLS X-rays.
The LCLS X-ray laser is a truly remarkable machine," said Sam Vinko, a postdoctoral researcher at Oxford University and the paper's lead author.
Illuminating objects and processes at unprecedented speed and scale, the LCLS has embarked on groundbreaking research in physics, structural biology, energy science, chemistry and a host of other fields.