LCLULand-Cover and Land-Use (NASA program)
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* Based on a time series of aerial photography, map and quantify LCLU both within and surrounding the properties at 5-10 year intervals over a 65-year time span;
* Perform LCLU change detection between different LCLU classes both within and over the 65-year time span to map and quantify change;
* Identify and interpret a set of change trajectories that explain key aspects of LCLU history as well as present-day LCLU composition.
A dengue risk map was developed using LST, NDVI and LCLU layers and converting their pixel values into the above mentioned scale values.
RAMS is the main research tool for the present study as it allows modification of LCLU and microphysical parameters which include aerosol PSD, particle concentration, and particle size [32, 33].
LCLU data from NLCD (2006) was assimilated onto RAMS grids in order to characterize "City" and "No City" cases.
The third and fourth simulations mirrored the first two simulations for a "No City" LCLU (No Ingestion-No City, NI-NC, and Ingestion-No City, I-NC).
Projections of a future state cannot be validated, but the performance of the model can be evaluated in "hind-cast" mode, in which projections are made from some past starting point and results are compared with observed LCLU at the simulation end time (Liu et al.
The 1980 observed data was the baseline from which model simulations began and was used as input data for existing LCLU and to develop employment projections for the blind simulations.
Many studies have used remotely sensed data for land cover/land use (LCLU) classification of urban areas (Jacquin et al.
The study is an urban to subregional scale investigation that uses 1-km data products from NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) Moderate-Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) for day and night LST and 30-m LCLU information from the 2001 National Land Cover Data (NLCD-2001).
After drawing contours of the damaged area, we used the National Land Cover Dataset to determine the LCLU of each damaged grid cell and sampled an equivalent nondamaged grid cell 10-60 km away.