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LCMLeast Common Multiple
LCMLowest Common Multiple
LCMLife Cycle Management
LCMLondon College of Music (Thames Valley University)
LCMLaser-Capture Microdissection
LCMLighting Control Module
LCMLiquid Crystal Module
LCMLong Course Meters (swimming)
LCMLeeds College of Music (UK)
LCMLymphocytic Choriomeningitis
LCMLower of Cost or Market (accounting)
LCMLiquid Crystal Display Module
LCMLiquid Composite Molding (simulation software)
LCMLanding Craft, Mechanized
LCMLife Cycle Model
LCMLittle Cypress-Mauriceville High School (Orange, TX)
LCMLife Cycle Manager (SPAWAR)
LCMLeadership and Change Management (various organizations)
LCMLoss Cost Multiplier (insurance)
LCMLeft Click Menu
LCMLife Cycle Methodology
LCMLogin Client Module
LCMLat Computer Manager
LCMLandesk Configuration Manager
LCMLiquid Composite Molding
LCMLat Communications Manager
LCMLarge Core Memory
LCMLinux Cluster Manager
LCMLost Circulation Material (oil drilling)
LCMLutheran Church of the Master (various organizations)
LCMLouisiana Children's Museum
LCMLoss Control Management (business accountability)
LCMLanding Craft Medium
LCMLetalski Center Maribor (Slovenian flight center)
LCMLeft Costal Margin
LCMSisters of the Little Company of Mary (religious order)
LCMLeadership Competency Model (various organizations)
LCMLondon Canal Museum (UK)
LCMLiving Computer Museum (Seattle, WA)
LCMLoose Cubic Meter (metric measurement)
LCMLife Cycle Monitoring (marine conservation)
LCMLeather Case for Motorola (cell phones)
LCMLine Control Module
LCMLarge-Capacity Magazine (guns)
LCMLawton Chiles Middle (Lakeland, FL)
LCMLocal Church Ministry
LCMLarge Case Management
LCMLead Containing Material
LCMLive Current Media (Canada)
LCMLive Country Music
LCMLoss Control Manual (various organizations)
LCMLove, Courtship and Marriage
LCMLow Cost Media
LCMLiaison Committee Meeting (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development)
LCMLotsoff Capital Management (Chicago, IL)
LCMLow Cost Move
LCMLEAF Creation Method (Escrowed Encryption Standard)
LCMLegal & Compliance Management (various companies)
LCMLaser Countermeasure(s)
LCMLatitude Capital Management (French asset management company)
LCMLegal Costs Management (UK)
LCMLine Concentrating Module
LCMlogical computing machine (aka Turing machine)
LCMLoyal Clan Member (gaming)
LCMLogistics Community Manager
LCMLight Carrying Medium (presumably coined by astronomer Tom Van Flandern)
LCMLogic Control Module
LCMLine Cost Model (Sprint)
LCMLiquid Cooling Module
LCMLevel Converter Module
LCMLaunch Confirmation Message
LCMLocally Corrected Nystrom Method
LCMLens-CCD Module
LCMLyreco Core Model
LCMLinear Coded Modulation
LCMLine Carrier Module
LCMLake Champlain and Moriah (railroad)
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The LCM is known globally as Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM).
Analysts are expecting the company's revenues to rebound due to its LCM shipments for the new MacBooks and the inevitable launch of the next-generation iPhones.
Alternatively, LCM can be efficiently calculated by using the GCD reduction method [9].
LCM plays a significant role in digital customer engagement and proactive communication via a multi-channel strategy.
Sponsor companies that work with CDMOs experienced in LCM from the earliest discovery stage through the end of a product's life typically are confronted with fewer problems and benefit from lower costs and higher yields.
Mohammad Lawal Shuaibu, Managing Director LCM consulting Nigeria limited, said, Pakistan has lately gained agood repute in International Halal industry.
Caption: In addition to Spanish Navy, the Navantia shipbuilding group has sold its LCM-1E designed LCM to Royal Australian and Turkish navies, respectively 12 and 4 units.
Upon the cessation of our core business of LCM production, our management will thoroughly focus our efforts on developing two parcels of property in Shenzhen, by converting these two parcels of land into high-end commercial complexes.
In my opinion, therefore, the practice of using valuation allowances or aggregations of inventory line items inappropriately beyond the limited guidance set forth in GAAP (see below) to determine LCM valuation adjustments should be more vigorously discouraged than in this article.
AUO said that it sold all its stake in the LCM venture to Wistron, but still supplies products to the latter.
The IRS concluded that this would avoid an unwarranted additional reduction in inventory value for a single markdown allowance and would more reasonably approximate LCM.
The companies said that the partnership will leverage IDENT's GestIC three-dimensional (3D) gesture control chip together with AUO's 2D multi touch as well as 3D Liquid Crystal Display Modules (LCM) to deliver an LCM display with integrated free-space gesture control functionality.