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The current study was approved by the ethical committee of LCMD hospital Karachi.
Caption: Figure 3 (A, B)--Medial carpus: LCMD = medial collateral ligament, deep component, radial carpal bone, third carpal bone, LCMS = medial collateral ligament, superficial component.
Kevin Marchitto will be joining the Life Care management team, effective immediately, as managing director of EMI Technology as well as becoming an LCMD board member.
The positive and statistically significant coefficient for the interaction term in Model 2 suggests that the hypothesized alignment between combined accounting-marketing experiences (AEME) and the hybrid low-cost leadership and marketing differentiation (LCMD) strategy may be supported.
Contact: Peter Curtis, LCMD, Laurie Grove, New Cross, London, SE 14 6NH: 44 0 181 692 4070.