LCMHLittle Company of Mary Hospital
LCMHLake Charles Memorial Hospital
LCMHLarimer Center for Mental Health (Fort Collins, CO)
LCMHLake County Mental Health (California)
LCMHLincoln County Memorial Hospital (Troy, MO)
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Besides, LCMH features are extracted on dense grids in the same manner.
Re-identification by taking the minimum Euclidean distance of LCMH is denoted as LCMH.
For CHISD, we use the same LCMH feature as our SVM-LCMH method.
5 (middle) gives the comparison between SVM-LCMH and LCMH on CAVIAR4REID.
Since July 1, both NRBH and LCMH have been integrating not only substance use treatment into their organizations but also separate and distinct cultures.