LCMRLower Cape May Regional (Cape May, New Jersey)
LCMRLegislative Commission on Minnesota Resources (now Legislative-Citizen Commision on Minnesota Resources; est. 1963)
LCMRLightweight Countermortar Radar
LCMRLes Cours Mont-Royal (shopping center; Montreal, Quebec, Canada)
LCMRLandelijke Centrale Middelen Registratie (Dutch: National Central Prescription Directory; Netherlands)
LCMRLiverpool Congenital Malformations Registry
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Down in Sydney, competition is expected to be fierce in the LCMR's racing division with a large number of entries received from all around Australia.
LCMR was designed to automatically locate mortar weapons over 360 degrees and to be sufficiently lightweight to support insertion by Airborne troops.
According to John Velin, director of the Legislative Commission on Minnesota Resources (LCMR), there was "great concern as to whether state policy was sufficient to allow for a healthy forest capable of producing multiple-use benefits." Velin adds that the concern "stemmed from inadequate answers to questions about the condition of forest resources, projected timber demand, and long-term sustainability of forests, especially state-administered forests.
That being said, many company commanders do request similar equipment: RAID towers, RDISS camera packages, Command Post Node (CPN) for data transfer, Kevlar boards and blankets, Lightweight Counter-Mortar Radar (LCMR), mobile barriers and lift arm gates for entry control points, and high intensity spotlights.