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LCMSLutheran Church—Missouri Synod
LCMSLearning Content Management System (Docent, Inc.)
LCMSLiquid Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer
LCMSLife Cycle Management Strategies (customer service)
LCMSLearning Content Management System
LCMSLinear Common Mode Suppression
LCMSLawton Chiles Middle School (Florida)
LCMSLearning Content Management Solutions (software; various companies)
LCMSLegal Case Management System (software)
LCMSLewis County Middle School (Kentucky)
LCMSLiving Conditions Monitoring Survey
LCMSLuminis Content Management Suite (software)
LCMSLancaster County Medical Society (Nebraska)
LCMSLindero Canyon Middle School (Agoura Hills, CA)
LCMSLos Cerros Middle School (Danville, California)
LCMSLake City Middle School (Lake City, TN)
LCMSLife Cycle Management System
LCMSLouisiana Center for Manufacturing Sciences
LCMSLangley Community Music School (Langley, British Columbia, Canada)
LCMSLauterstein-Conway Massage School (Austin, TX)
LCMSLocal COMSEC Management Software
LCMSLaser Countermeasures System
LCMSLow Cost Missile System
LCMSLiquid Chromatography Coupled Mass Spectroscopy
LCMSLocal Communication Management System
LCMSLocal Control and Monitoring System
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We're certainly planning to continue using the LCMS and, maybe, will expand our use of it next year.
Strategy options in LCMS model matrix includes several status that are being selected according matrix condition, the positioning of the two axes of the curve during the organization life cycle and industry life cycle position.
The ELCA contains an article about the Small Catechism; LCMS prints the text of the Small Catechism, including the Table of Duties.
Daryl Flack, CIO at AXELOS, said: "The selection of eXact learning solutions to deliver and support our use of their leading LCMS platform is a key milestone in the evolution of our organization.
Along with Paul Bunjes and Carlos Messerli, I was a member of the LCMS group of three.
7) Arthur Carl Piepkorn from the LCMS was supportive of the eucharistic prayer with the epiclesis but had numerous suggestions about the structure of the rite.
According to Darren Lloyd, Tribal's Business Development Manager, Software Solutions, “In 2011, Tribal began using the eXact learning LCMS on its own projects - principally to help it create learning content for the work-based (corporate) learning and further education (FE) sectors.
The LCA and the ALC brought the Service Book and Hymnal (SBH, 1958), at the time of the formation of the ILCW in use for only a few years; the LCMS brought The Lutheran Hymnal (TLH, 1941) and, a few years later, Worship Supplement (WS, 1969), the fruit of the work it had already done on its unilateral revision of TLH.
8220;The eXact learning LCMS provides language support; HTML5 support; the ability for us to create and use templates; it is an open and very flexible framework allowing us to control production workflows, and provides also a software development kit, so that we can develop content templates ourselves.