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LCNLIncoln (Amtrak station code; Lincoln, IL)
LCNLa Cosa Nostra
LCNLogical Channel Number
LCNLa Coka Nostra (hip-hop group)
LCNLot Control Number
LCNLow Copy Number (DNA or RNA quantity)
LCNLondon Cycle Network (UK)
LCNLogical Cluster Number
LCNLoad Classification Number
LCNLateral Cutaneous Nerve
LCNLocal Computer Network
LCNLocal Communications Network
LCNLincoln County News (Lincoln County, Maine)
LCNLesotho Council of NGOs
LCNLe Canal Nouvelle
LCNLanding Craft, Navigation (US Navy)
LCNLogistics Control Number
LCNLoosely Coupled Network
LCNLSA Control Number
LCNLiverpool Community Network (UK)
LCNLight Cracked Naphtha
LCNLandscape Character Network (UK)
LCNLewis C. Norton
LCNLogistic Support Analysis Control Number
LCNLogistics Code Number
LCNLamborghini Club Nederland (automobile club; Netherlands)
LCNLocally Corrected Nystrom Method
LCNLifeCycle Navigator
LCNLine Control Number (telecom)
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The success of the project is assured by: a) the fellow experience on MQCA b) the unique top-class suite of advanced tools at the host institution, London Centre for Nanotechnology (LCN), c) the outstanding scientific and training experience ( 20 years) of the scientist in charge at LCN.
Os estudos que vem sendo realizados com esta afeccao genetica estao concentrados no processo diagnostico e nos aspectos geneticos desta condicao, sendo que poucos estudaram a caracterizacao das diversas sintomatologias que podem fazer parte da clinica na LCN [3].
If you are looking for much higher returns, you should start the Multi-Target Assassination mission, which affects all Debonaire (DEB) stocks on the LCN stock exchange.
Peladeau intends to model Sun TV News partly on LCN, which has been running with more opinionated nightly programming for three years, garnering boffo ratings.
He was cross-examining defence witness Professor Allan Jamieson, who said he had serious concerns about the validity of the LCN method.
Local community groups can apply for funding from LCN, which is part of Liverpool Charity and Voluntary Services, to provide more activities to help improve the relations of residents.
The Liverpool group performed scanning tunneling microscopy experiments and the LCN and Berlin teams carried out ab initio calculations to predict what the microscopy results would be.
It snaps on securely and easily without screws and is available in all LCN standard architectural finishes and for both left- and right-handed doors.
Mr Justice Weir questioned the scientific validity of LCN testing after it wrongly linked a sample taken from a car bomb in Northern Ireland to a 14-year-old boy in Nottingham.
LCN DNA is a highly sensitive testing procedure which magnifies potential forensic evidence that cannot be identified by traditional DNA.
Take the facility manager in Ohio who drives to his school late at night to double-check that all his doors are properly closed (obviously not an LCN customer).