LCNSLarge Commercial Net Short (finance)
LCNSLung Cancer Nurse Specialist
LCNSLarge Change Sensitivity Network
LCNSLower Case No Spaces (domain names)
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Single-date satellite data of three areas (Emajoe Suursoo Landscape Reserve (LR), Nigula NR, and Konnumaa LR) were used for an advancement of the Estonian LCN (ELCN) on habitat level in the RSEL project (Sepp & Kiis, 2007).
The main effort in the further development of the methodology was directed towards compiling a more detailed and hierarchical LCN suitable for reliable mapping of mainly natural LC categories, characteristic of protected areas in Estonia.
Both of these used predetermined methods and a limited LCN.
Hierarchical GIS-based Estonian Land Cover Nomenclature (ELCN) for medium-scale satellite imagery mapping and monitoring in the RSEL project (* bold - CORM LCN code, incl.
LCNs are used by the Radio Set similar to a port on a computer and are only associated with the circuit in that it has been assigned to that circuit in the NL database.
Each brigade's EPLRS Planner must know the complete list of used LCNs for the "other" brigade.
LCNs 11, 12, 13 and A0 through BF (hex) are in use.
(the two brigade wide SA NLs use different LCNs so a LCN not in use by either brigade must be selected for use by the Gateway RS in order to link the two radios together)
"The LCN study aimed to determine the characteristics of nurses born before 1960, to examine their experiences in the workplace, perceptions of health and retirement intentions.
These will help employers develop retention strategies aimed at LCNs, help LCNs manage work as they age, and help younger colleagues work more effectively with older counterparts.
The researchers recommend employers develop strategies to support LCNs to remain in the workforce as a means of addressing the likely nursing workforce shortage as this age group reaches retirement.
Further details on the LCN study are expected to be posted on the NZNO website later this month.