LCOGTLas Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope
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Dragomir analyzed the data using code written by LCOGT postdoctoral fellow Jason Eastman.
A team of LCOGT engineers and technicians, and LCOGT/SAAO astronomy postdoctoral fellow Abiy Tekola, convened at Sutherland for three weeks during February and early March 2013 to install and test the new telescopes.
Annie Hjelstrom of LCOGT, the project engineer responsible for the successful installation, commented: "We had a great installation team, SAAO and SALT staff were very helpful, but this is also the culmination of eight years of design and development.
But for the SO node, LCOGT founder and lead engineer Wayne Rosing asked former company intern and accomplished astrophotographer B.
The Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope Network (LCOGT) is a privately owned non-profit observatory committed to time domain astronomy (studies of astronomical phenomena changing with time) and public awareness of science.
Andy Howell, a staff scientist at LCOGT and adjunct faculty member at UCSB, added that they finally "got to watch firsthand the event that created the iconic Hubble Space Telescope images of giant lobes of gas expanding away from Eta Carinae."
Mr Lewis added that there are plans to imminently expand the LCOGT network, both to increase the amount of observing time available to schools, and to increase the number of hours of the day when at least one of its observatory sites would be online.
Abstract: The Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope (LCOGT) is a private observatory building a network of small size robotic telescopes ranging between 0.4m to 2m all over the world.
Robotic telescopes at LCOGT then allow immediate follow-up observations.
Avi Shporer, a postdoctoral fellow at UCSB and LCOGT, assisted with the observations and quickly brought his expertise to the new discovery.
SAAO Director, Prof Phil Charles visited LCOGT late last year to finalise the last details of the agreement between these two parties.