LCOILand Cover of Illinois
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reform effort has focused on the LCOI problem even though redistricting
redistricting reform, taking the effort at limiting LCOI to the fourth
combine LCOI separation and the autonomy to enact plans.
The LCOI indicated that the bear populations had a significantly positive growth rate during the period 1998-2007 in all but two counties: Vaster botten and Dalarna, which showed no significant trend (Table 3).
In addition, the LCOI has provided yearly indices of bear density since 1998, covering all counties in Sweden with bears, as well as the counties without a current bear population.
The use of LCOI as an addition module to the ongoing moose observations system will help to keep this interest as the moose is the primary motivation for most hunters.
This, in addition to our evaluation of the LCOI (Kindberg et al.
It is most likely that the relationship between the number of bears and the LCOI is more similar to the situation in the adjacent county of Vasterbotten than in the other counties.