LCOMLightweight Com
LCOMLack of Cohesion of Methods
LCOMLogistics Composite Model
LCOMLack of Cohesion of Methods (metric for object-oriented software development)
LCOMLance Corporal of Marines
LCOMLieutenant Colonel of Marines
LCOMLinear Cohesion Measure
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As curvas lind e lcom apresentam comportamentos semelhantes ao longo do periodo observado, sugerindo a potencial transferencia de risco de credito a ser confirmada pelas analises de series temporais apresentados em Procedimentos Metodologicos (Figura 1).
Com base nos resultados dos testes ADF e KPSS, conclui-se que as series lcom e lind sao estacionarias em primeira diferenca I(0) e integradas em nivel I(1).
Thus the final metrics set used for calculating QI consists of DIT, CBO, LCOM and MI.
Figure 3 presents the transformation function for all four metrics (DIT, CBO, LCOM and MI).
Ultimately, the NEP methodology has the potential to be used alone or in conjunction with LCOM to better portray maintenance personnel requirements and capabilities based on experience and skill levels.
A second readiness forecasting model which has seen much use is the Logistics Composite Model (LCOM).
These data, along with failure rates obtained through Air Force maintenance databases, were used to populate a maintenance unit simulation through LCOM. Two separate, unconstrained simulation models were run.
As is seen in several programs throughout the Air Force, most notably the Logistics Composite Model (LCOM), the use of predictive management in making manpower decisions is essential to future operations.
(6.) Kevin Dawson, LCOM Process Reengineering, Air Force Logistics Management Agency Final Report LM20058500, Air Force Logistics Management Agency, Maxwell Air Force Base, Gunter Annex, Alabama, 2005.
The Logistics Composite Model (LCOM) is a discrete event-queuing simulation.