LCOPLogistics Common Operational Picture
LCOPLittle Church on the Prairie
LCOPLawndale College Opportunity Program
LCOPLogistics Control Office, Pacific
LCOPLegislative College Opportunity Program
LCOPLaboratory Controls Optimization Project (US EPA)
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The LCOP is derived from the common operational picture.
likewise defined the LCOP as "a single and identical accounting of the logistics capabilities, requirements, and shortfalls in an area of operations shared between the supporting and supported elements.
But how do you display the LCOP to the multinational BCT commander?
There are several ways to produce an LCOP at the brigade level.
Integrate the senior commander's operations center with the SMCC through battle command systems and ensure the LCOP is visible and regularly updated for the senior commander.
BCS3 is being incorporated into the business practices of USAREUR and V Corps, and it provided the logistics and transportation portion of the LCOP in two recent predeployment exercises, Urgent Victory and Unified Endeavor.
Relevant LCOPs include locations of containers and equipment during deployment and redeployment, status and locations of supply points, route statuses, and convoy management.
TABLE 5 Error Correction Representation for the Selected ARDL Model for LWTIS and LCOPS Equations in Group 1 Variables LWTIS Equation LCOPS Equation [DELTA]LCOPS 0.
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