LCPDLarge Combustion Plant Directive (EU)
LCPDLas Cruces Police Department
LCPDLiberty City Police Department (Grand Theft Auto)
LCPDLegg-Calvé-Perthes Disease
LCPDLearner-Centered Professional Development (mathematics)
LCPDLANL Controlled Proposal Document
LCPDLow Crude Protein Diet
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We diagnosed the patient as having LCPD on the basis of these imaging findings.
Two strange things were never explained - the LC of LCPD and Hooker's initials, TJ.
The decision gained them several years of production outside the LCPD and safeguarded jobs before being successfully challenged by the European Commission under pressure from other industry players All the while, the region's Tory MEP, who was sitting on the committee that dealt with the LCPD, failed to take any action to protect the plant at a time when the situation could have been retrieved.
Scott said: "Unlike Tilbury, Lynemouth Power is opted into the EU LCPD and is therefore able to run until December 2015 without limitation on its operating hours.
A spokesman for Alcan said: "The verdict delivered by the European Court of Justice on April 22 requires Rio Tinto Alcan to enter the National Emissions Reduction Plan in order to achieve immediate compliance with the LCPD.
European Commission officials have told us that if they were writing the LCPD today, they would incorporate an exemption for Lynemouth based on our outstanding and unique environmental credentials.