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LCPLLance Corporal
LCPLLoudoun County Public Library
LCPLLeighton Contractors Pty Limited (Australia)
LCPLLanding Craft, Personnel, Large
LCPLLee County Public Library (various locations)
LCPLLa Crosse Public Library (Wisconsin)
LCPLLeft Circularly Polarized Light
LCPLLawrence County Public Library (various locations)
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LCpl Hilmer-Hills said his biggest take away from the tour so far is getting used to, and working in, the extreme weather conditions.
In 2006, the American Library Association awarded LCPL with the John Cotton Dana Public Relations Award for Hanging Out Rocks, citing teen participation as "key to moving the campaign forward.
H Lt J M Haigh, Jun; Pte G Hall, Jul 7; LCpl B Hanson, Mar 7; Pte H S Hanson, Dec 24; Pte W F Hardy, Sep 3; Pte S Harrison, Sep 3; Pte A Heald, Jul 3; Pte L Heap, Sep 30; Pte N Heaton, Sep 25; Pte H Heeley, Aug 25; Pte W Hellawell, Sep 3; Pte R Herbert, Sep 15; Pte G Hibberd, Dec 25; Pte E Hill, Nov 21; Pte S Hinchliffe, Sep 18; LCpl R Hinchliffe, Dec 29; Pte A Hirst, Nov 12; Pte A B Hirst, Jul 12; Pte F Hirst, Sep 3; Pte H Hirst, Jan 3; Pte J Hirst, Oct 9; Pte D W Hobson, Sep 3; LCpl H Hobson, Jul 2, Pte A Hollings, Mar 2; Pte W Holt, Jul 7; Pte F Horner, Aug 21; Pte E A Horsfall, Sep 27; Pte A E Hutchinson, Dec.
LCpl Randal Gibson, assigned to VMFA-323, performs a full toolbox inspection in the hangar bay of the USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76).
Make sure there's a beer in the fridge for me when I get back LCPL LEIGHTON JONES, 29, WREXHAM I would like to wish my mum Tina, father David, sister Samantha, brother Adam and all my family and friends a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
LCpl Smith, (below) of Whitley, had done virtually no training before he pounded the Coventry streets in searing heat - eventually completing the course in three hours.
IF THE WESTBORO BAPTIST Church had simply picketed LCPL Snyder's funeral, this would perhaps be a First Amendment issue," explains Craig Trebilcock, one of the two attorneys representing plaintiff Albert Snyder.
Summary: A British soldier killed by an explosion while on patrol in Afghanistan has been named by the Ministry of Defence as LCpl Daniel Cooper.
The driver was also using the equipment for the first time at night when the truck drove off a bridge and rolled upside down into a river with LCpl Alderton trapped underneath in the town of Sangin, Helmand province.
55) Evidence used at trial consisted of eye-witness testimony and seventeen pages of e-mail transcripts in which LCpl Long discussed, with three separate individuals, her fear of testing positive for drugs in the event of a urinalysis and her efforts to attempt to mask her drug use.
Also included were LCPL Mitch Harrison of Tallahassee, and five fellow Marines on the front lines near the Jordanian border, and Steven Green, son of employee JoAnn Green, stationed in Japan.
LCpl Brackenbury, 21, from East Riding, Yorkshire, died when a roadside bomb exploded near the flashpoint town of Al Amarah, in the country's Maysan region on Sunday, as troops travelled to a meeting with Iraqi security officials.