LCPMLanding Craft, Personnel Medium (hull classification; US Navy)
LCPMLife Cycle Project Management (USACE)
LCPMLow-Cost Planetary Missions (conference)
LCPMLow Complexity Parallel Multiplier
LCPMLiquid-Crystal Phase Modulator (optics)
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The first hindcasts using the LCPM were performed for the period from 1966 onwards, i.e., from the date when the digitized wind data were available, but it appears that such long hindcasts may be plagued by inhomogeneity of input data (Suursaar 2013; Suursaar et al.
An additional comparison (validation) between the outputs of the LCPM and the SWAN model forced with BaltAn65+ reanalysis (Luhamaa et al.
Transistor Devices has introduced its LCPM Series of 7 kW Liquid-Cooled Power Modules.
The ILSAM is considered an essential tool for an FMS customer-manager assigned as a life cycle program manager (LCPM) and responsible for cost effective and responsive life cycle support.