LCPPLocal Capacities for Peace Project
LCPPLocal Community Planning Partnerships (UK)
LCPPLanding Craft, Personnel Plastic (hull classification; US Navy)
LCPPLondon Child Protection Procedures (UK)
LCPPLearner-Centered Psychological Principles (American Psychological Association)
LCPPLutheran Coalition for Public Policy (Minnesota)
LCPPLocal Crime Prevention Program
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Los 12 principios propuestos por el LCPP de la Asociacion Psicologica Americana (American Psychological Associations o APA, por sus siglas en ingles) se enfocan en como "tratar holisticamente con los alumnos en contextos de aprendizaje del mundo real," (Grupo de Trabajo APA, 1997, p.
13, 23 May 1871, LCPP 1871, CO 275/13; 1872 riots commission report, LCPP 1873;
1921, LCPP 1921, CO 275/104; Governor's annual address, Council paper no.
However, the quality of dispersion varies with the LCPP content.
However, clay aggregates could not be found in the LCPP NC and the blended NCs, which could be due to the fact that the dispersion has reached the magnification limit of the device for this type of sample preparation.
It was found that the LCPP NC and blended NCs crystallized at higher temperatures than the HCPP NC.
However, even after etching, it was impossible to obtain a clear picture of the morphology in samples containing LCPP. Since the spherulites in these samples were small, the amount of amorphous material located between the lamellae in the spherulites and between the spherulites was quite limited, and the chemical treatment did not improve the resolution.
LCPP and its blends crystallize at higher temperatures than the HCPP, and the higher the content of LCPP, the higher the crystallization temperature ([T.sub.c]), which is in good agreement with optical observations.
Although the LCPP undergoes earlier crystallization and produces a different morphology, it only provides a low degree of crystallinity in the blend (see Fig.
Figure 7 shows that HCPP provides only the [alpha]-form, whereas LCPP creates a secondary [gamma]-form besides the primary [alpha]-form.
The question arises as to why the clay d-spacing in the nanocomposites increases with the increase of LCPP content.
12) increase with increasing content of LCPP, due to its finer crystalline structure [20].