LCPRLegislative Commission on Pensions and Retirement (Minnesota)
LCPRThe Logic of Causal and Probabilistic Reasoning in Uncertain Environments (collaborative research project; European Science Foundation)
LCPRLanding Craft, Personnel, Ramped
LCPRLee County Parks and Recreation (Florida and North Carolina)
LCPRLancaster County Parks and Recreation (South Carolina)
LCPRLiquid Crystal Polarization Rotator (optics)
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As a result, shareholders' support, either by equity injection or a subordinated shareholder loan, will be necessary for LCPR to cope with its tight liquidity and a potential covenant breach going forward.
Fitch expects LCPR to breach its maintenance covenant leverage ratios in 4Q17 under the bank facility credit agreement due to material EBITDA erosion.
As for most businesses, LCPR and C&W are dependent on, among other things, power supply to deliver our services.
OneLink will be merged with LGI's existing operation LCPR to form the largest cable operator on the island with OneLink passing 347,000 homes and serving about 262,500 revenue generating units (RGUs) as of 31 March 2012.