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LCPSLoudoun County Public Schools (Virginia)
LCPSLas Cruces Public Schools (Las Cruces, NM)
LCPSLebanese Center for Policy Studies
LCPSLegg-Calve-Perthes Syndrome (degenerative disease)
LCPSLake County Public Schools (Florida)
LCPSLife Cycle Process Services
LCPSLaunch Control Processing System (ATWCS)
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The above-mentioned properties of thermotropic LCPs make them ideal for manufacturing various components in electronic devices.
Finally, LCPs were successful when they were temporary and performance-based, otherwise they may create inefficiencies and rent seeking behaviours.
The report analyzes the LCPs market trends and forecasts till 2020.
Ruger's LCP (Lightweight Compact Pistol) pocket auto is arguably its most successful handgun model of the last 10 years.
The negative normal stress difference is one of the most important rheological characteristics of LCPs. Kiss and Porter [16] reported the experimental evidence of negative first normal stress difference of lyotropic LCPs for the first time.
The A2F for LCPS report narrates that until now, the public sector has been playing a dominant role in the education industry.
was designing and developing its SEAM/SEAF series of high-speed connectors, it turned to Ticona and its family of liquid crystal polymers (LCPs) to resolve a processing and assembly challenge.
Vectra FIT70 for compact camera modules (CCM) and Vectra FIT72 for thin-wall connectors are 35 percent glass-and mineral-filled LCPs. Both grades provide high flow and improved flatness and are designed to meet specific customer requirements.
A major focus of the 2010 Canadian Large Commercial Producer Study (LCPS) conducted by Agri Studies and Ipsos Forward Research was to explore producers' attitudes towards distribution.
It comfortably fits the Kahr PM and CM series, SIG 238s, Ruger LCPs, the Kel-Tec P3AT and many more.
Several Ruger LCPs were on display with raspberry-colored frames at ProArms, alongside plain black LCPs, and Strayer reports both sell well.
It is in routine clinical use to detect the LCPs known to complicate stenting and suspected to cause most heart attacks.