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LCPSLoudoun County Public Schools (Virginia)
LCPSLas Cruces Public Schools (Las Cruces, NM)
LCPSLebanese Center for Policy Studies
LCPSLegg-Calve-Perthes Syndrome (degenerative disease)
LCPSLake County Public Schools (Florida)
LCPSLife Cycle Process Services
LCPSLaunch Control Processing System (ATWCS)
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In this way, new and collaborative forums like the one held by LCPS have pointed out unique issues that government ministries either didn't focus on or failed to understand prior to their cooperation.
For instance, during a previous roundtable, ministries realized -- as a result of a survey conducted by LCPS -- that they needed to provide more assistance to local municipalities.
Building on the work that we have been conducting at LCPS, we collected data from 255 municipalities, including the number and type of infrastructure services they provide, such as building and maintaining retaining walls, roads, road lighting networks, potable water networks and sidewalks, as well as other development services.
Atallah says LCPS matched the organization's strength, that of policy research, with an opening to impact policy -- a formula that may not be easy for other organizations to emulate.
In June, 13 organizations were represented at a workshop organized by the LCPS and Natural Resource Governance Institute (NRGI, formed through the merging of the Revenue Watch Institute and Natural Resource Charter), another international NGO, intended to establish a knowledge hub and train NGOs in this sector.
We are excited that LCPS is going to implement a district-wide system that will integrate the curriculum and resources throughout the entire district," said Tim Beekman, President of SAFARI Video Networks, a division of Library Video Company.
LCPS joins the growing number of major school districts across the country who have selected SAFARI Montage for their Video-On-Demand needs, such as Baltimore County Public Schools, Chicago Public Schools, Bucks County Schools IU (PA), Plano ISD (TX), and Forsyth County Schools (GA).
We had an in-house solution that we'd been using for a number of years but it was very cumbersome and time-consuming," said Mary Kearney, director of special education for LCPS.
LCPS is annually ranked in the top 10 of 140 public school systems in Virginia, according to student achievement test results.
as indicated, unless an alternative product is approved by LCPS.
David Del Toro, LCPS director of transportation, said, "The changes weve made are going to improve the process for everyone.