LCQLast Chance Qualifier (racing)
LCQLeicester Cough Questionnaire (chronic cough assessment)
LCQLove Comes Quickly (Pet Shop Boys song)
LCQLiquid Chromatography Quadrupole (mass spectrometry)
LCQLongest Connected Queue
LCQLimu Case Qualified (The Limu Company; Lake Mary, FL)
LCQLaunch Crew Quarters
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There was a significant negative relationship between LCQ and BDI scores (Spearman correlation coefficient [Rho] = -0.
Confirmatory factor analysis was performed to verify the factor structure of the LCQ.
Ancillary analyses suggested that study subjects with asthma treated with azithromycin exhibited a large and statistically significant improvement in LCQ score, when compared with those treated with placebo.
Se adapto la version original del LCQ de Williams y Deci (1996), basada en el Health-Care Climate Questionnaire (Williams, Grow, Freedman, Ryan, & Deci, 1996), que consta de 15 items para medir el apoyo a la autonomia por parte del profesor mediante una dimension: apoyo a la autonomia.
0% 0% 0% 11% 0% PER ACR PACV LCQ Pre-test 88% 22% 0% 77% Post-test 88% 44% 22% 55% Diff.
The LCQ is composed by a single scale, consisting of 15 items in the long version, or 6 items in the short version (used in this study), that assess the degree to which students perceive the teacher as autonomy supportive vs controlling [alpha] > .
Clinical, functional parameters and measures of health-related quality of life (HRQL) by SF-16 and LCQ (10 items) were estimated after RT procedures and in 3 months.
On tap today are the LCQ WS junior men, LCQ WB junior ladies, Qualification WB Open Men Qualification WS Open Ladies and Qualification WS Open Men.
Next, the mass spectrometric (MS) analysis of BPA was performed on a quadruple ion trap LCQ mass spectrometer (Thermo Electron, Les Ulis, France) equipped with an electrospray ionization (ESI) source.
Chromatography was carried out on the Thermo Electron LCQ Advantage MAX system equipped with vacuum degasser, quaternary pump, auto sampler (20 [micro]L sample loop) and UV-vis diode array detector (all from Thermo Electron, Waltham, MA).