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LCRCLife Care Retirement Community (various locations)
LCRCLiverpool Century Road Club (cycling club; UK)
LCRCLondon Community Resource Centre (London, Ontario, Canada)
LCRCLake Champlain Research Consortium
LCRCLocal Criminal Record Centre (South Africa)
LCRCLewis and Clark Radio Club
LCRCLapeer County Road Commission (Michigan)
LCRCLog Cabin Republican Club (of Virginia)
LCRCLoss of Control Rod Cooling
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Bridges of Hope and LCRC will provide life coaching, counseling, wellness, and in-house rehabilitation services to clients referred by PAGCOR.
LCRC, a collaboration of the three universities' health sciences programs, offers access to technologies, services and scientific consultation that enhance scientific interaction and productivity.
(159) Dormann, 'The Legal Situation of 'Unlawful/Linprivileged Combatants', above nl43 at 50; LCRC, 'International Humanitarian Law and the Challenges of Contemporary Armed Conflicts', above n104 at 9; Borelli, 'Casting Light on the Legal Black Hole', above n147.
This Act required operators to submit their plans for conservation and reclamation and obtain approval from the Lands Conservation and Reclamation Council (LCRC) prior to the development of a project (Government of Alberta 2003).
Forsman, BS, is Assistant Professor Emeritus of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology, College of Medicine, Mayo Clinic, CLMA Legislative Compliance and Regulatory Committee (LCRC) Member.
Cruzamentos NP NF TV Limoeiro 'Cravo' (Citrus limonia Osbeck) como parental feminino LCRSTC (1) x LAZC (2) 14 7 50,0% LCRSTC x LAZSFS (3) 14 7 50,0% LCRC (4) x LAZZL (5) 6 2 33,3% LCR CNPMF 05 (6) x LAZC 4 1 25,0% LCR CNPMF 05 x LAZSFS 9 4 44,4% Media: 40,5% LCRSTC x CTSW (7) 10 3 30,0% LCRC x CTSW 17 5 29,4% LCR CNPMF 05 x CTSW 3 1 33,3% Media: 30,9% LCRSTC x CTQT8 18 3 16,7% LCRC x CTQT 20 7 35,0% LCR CNPMF 05 x CTQT 2 1 50,0% Media: 33,9% LCRSTC x TSKMA (9) 4 4 100,0% LCRC x TSKMA 4 3 75,0% Media: 87,5% LCR CNPMF 05 x CTCM (10) 8 5 62,5% Laranjeira 'Azeda' (C.