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Inspired by Super's (1957, 1990) theoretical model of the life-career rainbow, this analytical discussion has attempted to propose the new concept of lifecareer re-engagement (LCRE) for counselling clients in retirement transition.
Regardless of such differences, the goal and intention of LCRE remains the same as that of the pre-retirement life-career development: to strive for a more meaningful and productive living experience to enhance one's quality of life and personal well-being.
Why is the notion of life-career re-engagement (LCRE) worthy of attention in vocational and career psychology?
What is the conceptual framework for the newly proposed concept of life-career re-engagement (LCRE)?
What are the main contents of life-career re-engagement (LCRE)?
The counselling process must always be cognisant of each client's financial needs, and be prepared to integrate such needs and expectations into the formation of the LCRE tasks.
Although Bob has a strong interest in carpentry, he realised that carpentry was not a feasible option for his LCRE project because his arthritis prevented him from lifting heavy items.
The designing principle that guides the LCRE plans, as illustrated in Bob's case, is to be realistic and flexible about activities that one is able to do as well as those one should avoid doing.
Counselling clients for LCRE should take age into account.
Counselling can be seen as an individual learning process that facilitates each client to adjust to the LCRE experience.
It is this healthy and forward-looking state of mind that provides the best resources for LCRE. One who desires to explore opportunities for re-engagement is always the one who maintains a strong interest in life experiences (Kim & Feldman, 2000).
In addition to facilitating clients to be actively engaged in such brainstorming and self-exploration, the counsellor can help clients to acquire more effective ways in finding and forming such interests that can be vital to LCRE. First, interests can be narrowed down and prioritised.