LCRELithium Cooled Reactor Experiment (NASA)
LCRELower Columbia River and Estuary (Pacific Northwest, US)
LCRELusk Center for Real Estate
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The centrality and meaningfulness of the LCRE conceptual framework lies with its optimal view on human growth and development during one's post--working life or later-life experiences.
Regardless of such differences, the goal and intention of LCRE remains the same as that of the pre-retirement life-career development: to strive for a more meaningful and productive living experience to enhance one's quality of life and personal well-being.
The counselling process must always be cognisant of each client's financial needs, and be prepared to integrate such needs and expectations into the formation of the LCRE tasks.
Although Bob has a strong interest in carpentry, he realised that carpentry was not a feasible option for his LCRE project because his arthritis prevented him from lifting heavy items.
The designing principle that guides the LCRE plans, as illustrated in Bob's case, is to be realistic and flexible about activities that one is able to do as well as those one should avoid doing.
Counselling clients for LCRE should take age into account.
Counselling can be seen as an individual learning process that facilitates each client to adjust to the LCRE experience.
It is this healthy and forward-looking state of mind that provides the best resources for LCRE.
Third, the interests can be naturally integrated into various LCRE projects and experiences.
As exemplified in the earlier cases of Samantha and Bob, the central function of LCRE counselling is to empower clients to continue to expand on their lifelong learning experiences.
This will provide clients with a sense of accomplishment, encouraging them to continue to engage themselves in the new learning tasks that are required to implement and fine-tune the LCRE initiatives and projects.
Counselling considerations guided by and supportive of the principle of LCRE aim to help retiree clients accomplish more effectively the goal of positive living.