LCRPLouisiana Coastal Resources Program
LCRPLearning Center for Rapides Parish (Alexandria, LA)
LCRPLewis and Clark Rediscovery Project (US Department of Education)
LCRPLafayette Cemetery Research Project (New Orleans, LA)
LCRPLancaster Canal Restoration Partnership (UK)
LCRPLamprey Corticostatin-Related Peptide
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El proyecto del LCRP se articulo con otro de mayor envergadura.
Burgess, uno de los encargados del LCRP, contrato, con fondos del Laura Spelman Rockefeller Memorial, al entonces estudiante de posgrado en antropologia Robert Redfield, que acababa de regresar a Chicago despues de un viaje a Mexico que, como el mismo decia, le cambio la vida.
In the previous phase, the Lebanese state represented by MoSA was absent from significant involvement in the projects design & implementation within the LCRP.
Collaborating with MoSA and working under the framework and guidelines of the Ministry, gave a clear and coherent direction to the activities being implemented in the field, under the LCRP, by all national, local and international actors.
In this regards, only a strategic partnership that brings together MoSA, the Donors and our implementing partners under the umbrella of the LCRP, can provide an efficient and active response.
Lebanon today is facing an existential threat -- it is no longer a refugee crisis, it is a Lebanese one with everyone affected -- both the Syrians and Lebanese are affected," says Hala Helou, an advisor to the Ministry of Social Affairs -- the government agency coordinating the LCRP.
Beyond addressing the humanitarian needs of the vulnerable population, Helou says the LCRP will maintain services to prevent further destabilization in the country.
That, says the ministry's Helou, is the shift in addressing refugee needs that the LCRP represents: it is a decision by the government to articulate how to maintain services to refugees rather than the mixed and overlapping priorities of the UN and NGOs.
Much like the mission of LCRP last year, the government plans to invest substantial relief into repairing basic services while stimulating employment in the most destitute host communities, most of whom have shouldered the bulk of the crisis.
By doing so, the LCRP aims to encourage social cohesion by considering the needs of their own citizens as much as Syrian refugees.
In spite of the turmoil in the Lebanese political arena, Derbas insisted that the LCRP would continue to "march forward regardless of what is going on around us in relation to the political realities.
Through the LCRP, international financing will strengthen and support Lebanon's public institutions, civil organizations and private companies.