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LCRSLeachate Collection and Removal System (geotechnical, environmental and geoenvironmental engineering)
LCRSLanding Craft, Rubber Small (US Navy)
LCRSLyle Center for Regenerative Studies (Pomona, CA)
LCRSLoring Command Readout Station
LCRSLife Cycle Resource System
LCRSLaser Cartridge Recharging Service, Inc.
LCRSLife Cycle Replacement Schedule
LCRSLegacy Communications Relay System
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In particular, beginning in 2015, large banks in the United States have needed to comply with the liquidity coverage ratio (LCR) by holding sufficient "high-quality liquid assets" (HQLA), a requirement that has induced significant changes to banks' balance sheet management.
3.2.1 Import Substitution Phase (1960 to 1997): During the early 1960s, domestic motor vehicle assembly was encouraged as a substitute for imported fully assembled vehicles through a system of tariff rates that increased through the decade, supplemented by quantitative LCRs from 1974 onwards.
The top 10 documents with the highest LCR are listed in [Supplementary Table 2 [SUPPORTING:2]]; Bhaska's study had the highest LCR (38 references).
An increase in mRNA and protein levels of ATP synthase (mitochondrial F1 complex) and subunits from four of the respiratory complexes has been observed in LCRs and in a mouse model of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (7,24).
Structural analyses performed on the five selected load combinations indicate that in most cases the proposed partial load factors result in a marginally more conservative design with a minor difference in LCRs (see Figures 1 and 2).
It is arguably in this area where ICV represents the biggest departure from previous Omani LCRs. As part of the blueprint for ICV the Omani authorities identified a total of almost 50 supply chain development opportunities, most of which had been quantified in terms of the size of the business opportunity and the potential contribution to ICV over the 2013-20 period, as well as the number of jobs likely to be created and the feasibility of implementation.
The subject of this evaluation is the LCR chambered in .327 Fed.
H-1B, EB-2, EB-3) involve frustratingly long waiting times and cumbersome processes, LCRs clients are increasingly taking advantage of the EB-5 visa's multiple benefits including high approval rates (95%+), relatively quick processing times (~15 to 18 months) and a competitive return.
This has reduced liquidity buffers, with Liquidity Coverage Ratios (LCRs) dropping significantly and we expect continued fiscal tightening to put further pressure on liquidity.
Moody's Investors Service says that the liquidity coverage ratios (LCRs) of Islamic banks in key Asian and Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries highlight sound liquidity profiles and broad compliance with Basel III regulatory requirements.
Large Saudi Arabian banks continue to report liquidity coverage ratios (LCRs) above 100 per cent despite a 30 per cent outflow of government-related deposits from the sector since oil prices declined sharply in November 2014, says Fitch Ratings.