LCSFALong-Chain Saturated Fatty Acid
LCSFALimited Contingent of Soviet Forces in Afghanistan
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[a] close reading of the Soviet counterinsurgency strategy shows that they avidly pursued political reforms, economic development, infrastructure improvements, education and all the other elements of what is now 'smart power'." (13) Indeed, we may agree that the focus on the LCSFA's combat operations and the destruction these wrought has created a one-sided view of the LCSFA's activities.
Over time, they spread throughout the LCSFA, reaching a peak of activity in the years 1987-1988, when the Afghan government embarked on a new "National Reconciliation Program." In the first four months of the program alone, agitprop units distributed 100,000 bars of soap, 17,000 pairs of shoes, and other goods.
Zakharov, the head of the political department of the LCSFA, told the newspaper Trud in February 1989 how "[s]ixty patients a day ...